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Self-Ligating Brackets

The typical orthodontic appliance has a wire that attached to a bracket on the tooth with a ligature (ligate means to tie). Often the ligature is a colorful plastic "O-Ring".

But there is also a type of bracket that dispenses with a ligature all together, and holds onto the wire with a little trap door.The specialty of Orthodontics has seen several generations of self-ligating brackets-a type of bracket that holds the archwire with a tiny clip instead of a colorful band or thin wire ligature.

The current interest in non-ligating brackets was inspired by Dr. Dwight Damon.

Some people believe that use of this bracket allows fewer and shorter appointments, and, in a few cases shorter over-all treatment time. It is definitely cleaner. Those colorful rings get pretty dirty in the mouth! It is a different type of appliance that some patients think is intriguing and fun.

We use the Damon bracket exclusively in cases where "conventional" braces are best used. While it is certainly an expensive product, it performs well and produces great results!

Self-Ligating Brackets. No colorful circles

Colorful ligatures