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Orthodontics is a Specialty


Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning is unique in dentistry. Specialty training and experience insure the best approach to treatment, as well as which of the many available appliance systems best suit your case.

  • Only the ORTHODONTIST has had advanced university training in an ADA accredited residency program.
  • Only an ORTHODONTIST can be a member of the American Association of Orthodontists
  • An ORTHODONTIST must limit their practice to orthodontics.


Did you know that, in Ohio, any dentist may provide orthodontic services, whether or not they have had accredited specialty training?

One might wisely consider using a specialist for their brain surgery.

One might also consider using a specialist for their orthodontic treatment.

Before accepting orthodontic treatment, you should ask the provider…

Were you trained in an American Dental Association accredited university program?

Do you perform procedures other than those related to orthodontics in your practice?

Are you a member of the American Association of Orthodontists?