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Do I have to be referred by a dentist?

No. We certainly do appreciate dentist referrals, but many of our referrals come from existing or previous patients.

When should children be seen by an orthodontist?

Most children are developing normally, and do not need treatment at an early age. A few children are developing orthodontic problems that tend to get worse over time. In some cases these problems can and should be intercepted before they become unmanageable. Age 7 or 8 is a good time to evaluate dental development and, if necessary, treat early development problems effectively.

Is a person ever too old for braces?

No. Orthodontics is a transformative process, not unlike going to the gym to get in shape. We are never too old to improve our physical condition with exercise, and we are never too old to improve our bite and appearance with braces. A high percentage of our patients are adults.

Do some braces move teeth faster than others?


Braces work because the human body has a predictable way of adapting when pressure is placed on the teeth, just like muscles adapt predictably when they move against resistance.

Muscles do not know whether we are lifting weights or doing push ups. They just adapt. Likewise, the teeth, jaw bones and gums have NO IDEA what is applying pressure. They simply adapt to the pressure in nature's way at nature's determined speed. In a clinical practice, time is expensive, efficiency is a goal. If there was a faster appliance system, all orthodontists would be using it.

Does your office have payment plans?

Yes. Patients may choose between several payment plans. Plus we accept most insurance benefits.

Do braces hurt?

Dr. Beck with answers,

"I wore braces myself. Putting the braces on was easy. It took several days to get used to having them in my mouth. They felt too big, and very edgy. My teeth got pretty sore. But it certainly did not make me sick, or keep from doing anything I wanted to do. Let's face it, if wearing braces was bad, we would never see anybody in braces. Reasonable people would not start the process, or if they did, most of them would quit. Nobody ever quits. Plus, I wore braces and if it had been bad, it would have disgusted me, and I would have chosen a different career. It's no more difficult than any other self improvement project. Everybody does fine. So will you."

There you go!